#1407 Ram Chain

#1407 Ram Chain #1407 A Ram with a gold nose ring, a raw mt sapphire is set into the base of the hook. I call this style of chain "Ancient Chain" because almost every ancient civilization has come up with this "loop in loop" style of making chains from Romans, Viking, Thai, Egyptian, Greek, and the list just goes on.I make them in largely the same tradition, I pour my silver into a mold, then I hammer it into a square on an anvil, while some techniques I use seem arcane this is where I actually depart from the truly ancient traditions, they would have kept hammering on the anvil, making that square smaller and smaller and the wire longer and longer, they would then twist that square wire into a tight coil and then rub it together between two blocks of wood to make it round. I take my rather large ingot to my rolling mill, where I roll out a longer and longer square wire, then I pull that through what's called a "drawing plate" basically a piece of steel with holes getting smaller and smaller, and I draw that wire through untill it's the perfect size. From there I make loops and fuse them shut, then weave them together each loop through the last two, into a chain. Of course all the fire I use comes from my trusty propane oxygen torch, where back then they would put things into the fire then use a blowpipe to provide the oxygen to get that heat needed to fuse, or for casting it would be several men blowing into a fire.


  • Thanks Garret! I am glad the snake chains are getting love! So far each chain has been pretty unique, but this one ended up being 650$

    Ren Patch
  • Once again impressed by the works. Awesome idea I wish I could get this one as well, but I have no reason unless I bought it for my girl who is an aries which is a ram in the zodiac. I own the snake chains and wear them everyday. I am curious to how much this would be, but dont believe I will be purchasing. I feel I have hogged the art from others. Thank you

    Garret S

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