Void To Form, Digital Media

  • Simple Studs

    This is about as simple as I can make some studs. 

    Its actually harder to make the backs! 

  • #1409

    It is said the eye is the window to the soul. As I was sculpting this ring I realized in a way I was also creating a representation of a soul.
  • Some Yogo Sapphire "Wet Sets"

    Some custom Yogo sapphire "wet set" pendants and studs.
  • #1407 Ram Chain

    I call this style of chain "Ancient Chain" because almost every ancient civilization has come up with this "loop in loop" style of making chains from Romans, Viking, Thai, Egyptian, Greek, and the list just goes on.....

  • #1406 Venus Ring

    #1406 my interpretation of an ancient Greek ring from 350 BC, Aphrodite playing with a bird, her clothes on a pillar, being presented a wreath by Eros.