What started as a personal mantra: “Void to Form, a Dream Withal” is a poem that attempts to set as much as possible into a concise statement. Ren Patch, the founder of VTF, started his career in jewelry as a teenager in an apprenticeship with his father, who is a Master jeweler. Working in the jewelry repair industry for several years, he gained knowledge and skills regarding the mechanical and technical aspects of jewelry craftsmanship. While working, he has always made his own jewelry designs on the side, and dreamed of making this passion into his own business. In 2017 that happened out of necessity. After moving to a small town in Montana and finding little work, he participated in the local farmers market and a year later started renting a small corner shop in downtown Hamilton where he based VTF out of for three years. Now he makes everything in the peace and solitude of his studio setup in his house in Salem Oregon. The jewelry Ren creates is "Molten Made", which defined by him means; “it has been witnessed by the artist molten.” Believing that the process and craft behind each piece can impart life and soul, and drawing inspiration from the complexities and simplicities that define nature, Ren hopes to craft Jewelry that forges a connection and makes a statement with the identity of its wearer.