#0824 Lost Nut
#0824 Lost Nut
#0824 Lost Nut

#0824 Lost Nut

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 I was about to eat this nut, but then I noticed it was a perfect nut, so I cast it into silver, immortalizing it.

I call my organic castings "lost" because it is the same process as lost wax, traditionally jewelry is made by encasing wax in a plaster and burning it out, leaving a cavity for the molten metal to fill in, In this case, the nut was burned away, leaving a perfect nut shaped cavity for the molten silver to fill.

.925 Silver 

This comes with an 18 inch leather cord, with a sterling silver hook clasp, similar to the one in the picture. If you want a different length cord I can get you set up, just let me know what you need!

penny for scale